Bomb Supps - Bomb Squad Sponsorship

Want to be sponsored and become apart of the Bomb Squad? Apply today!

We are looking for a motivated athletes so we can help you get free supplements and monetize (make money) off your referrals. Please fill out the form below to see if you're eligible and give you more information. Please let us know what makes you a great sponsor for Bomb Supps and your Instagram username (must be public). 
What we're looking for:
Sponsors are asked to post about us as frequently as possible tagging us in pictures and posts
Sponsors are asked to promoted, wear, and share us as much as possible
Sponsors are asked to be social and engage, like, and comment with their social media channels
Sponsors are asked to be active on their social media channels 
Sponsors are asked to tag us in most posts on their Instagram
Sponsors are asked to use hashtags #BombSupps and #BombSquad on their social media posts
Sponsors are asked to have "Sponsored by Bomb Supps" or something similar in their Instagram bio
Sponsors are asked to have their referral code in their Instagram bio website section which also gives the sponsor commission if clicked on
What we offer for you:
We offer 15% commission on every order you refer. Everyone you refer will also get a 10% discount on their order. You will be assigned with a custom link that will automatically give you your commission and a custom coupon code (you come up with) that will give you your commission also. We will give you a login page to track your commissions in real time. 
How to grow your social media exposure:
We really recommend using sites like that give automatic likes and comments. It helped grow one of our sponsors to 10,000 active followers in a few months.